Assessing your planning capability

Lewis Carroll said “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there”.  Management does not need to feel like Alice in Wonderland so how do you assess your planning capability as a manager? Questions to consider asking yourself and of those managers who report to you include:

  • Are you identifying goals for the future performance of your part of the organisation?
  • Have you made decisions about the tasks that need to be completed?
  • Which resources are required to complete the tasks and achieve the goals?

Answers to these questions will ensure that your operation has a future and the means of getting there successfully.

Follow on questions to ask yourself about your planning capability are:

  • Are my goals effective and realistic?
  • Are they sufficiently long term and are they driven by what is happening outside my operation?
  • What’s been my decision-making process?
  • Do I schedule quiet time once a week for planning?

Symptoms of poor managerial planning include:

  • Not doing it and being driven by events at a day-to-day level;
  • Having a more senior manager do it and being told what to do;
  • Being caught out by events and fire fighting too often;

Planning is often seen as the first of the four main management functions.  Good planning is more likely to lead to good organisation, effective leadership and efficient control.

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