Management – the positves to be taken from the current climate

Management is ultimately about making the best use of the available resources.  Many resources are in short supply for organisations at present, for example, customers, time, money, and people.  So how do you as manager take the current problems turn them on their heads and make them positive forces for change?

Sharpen your problem solving skills by redefining problems in as many ways as possible to find new ways of looking at issues to spot innovative opportunities.  Lack of time can be turned on its head to become an issue of what to cut out that used to be essential but is no longer so.

Be prepared to to do something different.  If you do what you always do you will just get the same results.  Now is a time for experimentation and exploration.  Set a goal to do something different or in a different way on a daily basis.  Take some risks.  Test your existing assumptions to see if they still hold true.

Avoid thinking that things are going to get back to normal sometime soon.  It’s not very likely as the 2008 financial shock has signalled the end of a period of rapid growth and easy money – what’s to come will be different and better in new ways.

Set new goals and revisit old plans and bring them up to date.  Hoping to achieve what you used to may no longer be viable but new achievements are there for the taking if you choose to look for them.

Fast fail.  Pilot new products and services, internal processes and working methods quickly and safely to push the boundaries of what is possible.  Find out what works or has potential fast and drop flops quickly.  Playing it safe is less likely to get you out of the current difficulties.

Be positive as there is always something to be done to tackle problems even it is only to minimise them.  Avoid being a victim of circumstances and take positive action wherever you can.

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