New to management? – a few tips to get you started

Congratulations, you’re now in management and have staff reporting to you, a budget to manage, resources to deploy and results to produce.  How are you going to tackle your new responsibilities?

Start with what you need to plan. Plan?  Yes plan because you need one to produce the results for which you are responsible and you now need to balance the day-to-day with the medium to long term.  Focus on the outputs you need to produce and the specific goals you have been given.  No goals given to you?  Make sure you set some for yourself otherwise you’ll become a bystander just responding to the latest crisis.

Next organise.  Allocate tasks to your team members, acquire the resources you need and structure work for others.  Coordinating activities effectively and efficiently is now central to your new role.

Then lead.  Focus on motivating your team – inspire and challenge them, reward achievement with increased trust and responsibility and finally recognise and provide feedback on achievement.  You now have a major influence over others’ working lives so make sure you do it well.

Finally control.  Measure results and outputs so that you can adjust your plans in the light of what actually happens in your operation.  But avoid over controlling – see control mistakes managers should avoid on this site.

Get a balance between each of these four areas and you will be well on your way to becoming an effective manager.  Do one at the expense of the others and you will end up only doing part of the management job.

To develop yourself further consider investing in a good practical text book on management like Management by Daft, Kenrick and Vershina – make sure you get the international edition.  You can pick up a used copy for as little as £14 at

Finally, try and get yourself a coach or mentor, someone inside your organisation who has a lot of management experience.  You’ll learn the ropes more quickly and avoid some management bear traps that new managers can fall victim to.

Good luck.

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