Where does your time go?

If you do not know the answer to this question you could be in trouble.  Trouble?  Yes, because if you are a manager and not acutely aware of how you are spending your time you are very likely to be doing too much operational and tactical work and not enough work on planning, organising, leading and controlling.  OK if you are a micro business perhaps spending the majority of your time on operational matters like selling, production, invoicing and the like is acceptable but if you are a larger business the consequences could be uncomfortable.  So what do you need to do?

  1. Spend a day recording what you spend your time doing – just keep a simple tally of when you start something and when you finish it.
  2. Analyse where the time has gone: planning, organising, leading, controlling and front line operational work.
  3. Ask yourself if the balance is right?  What do you need to more of and what do you need to less of?
  4. What could you delegate?
  5. What could you cut out altogether?

Being conscious of where your time is going and then making sure that there is a better balance will have a direct impact on your results.

This is a simple message for managers but one that too few are able to address effectively.

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