18 more symptoms of bad management

There’s a LindedIn group called INTJ Masterminds and I asked them a question about David Shawwhat constituted bad management.  Here’s what they had to say in no particular order.  I’ve indicated after each entry what it is a symptom of.

  1. Bad listening – poor leadership.
  2. Blaming people rather than fixing problems – poor leadership.
  3. Micro management – poor control – too much of it!
  4. Not being given time – poor planning.
  5. No discussion – poor leadership.
  6. Autocracy – poor leadership.
  7. Demanding obedience at all costs – poor leadership.
  8. Refusing to answer questions – poor planning, organisation and leadership.
  9. Saying “no” without giving explanations – poor leadership.
  10. Failing to face up to problems – making people feel they are the problem – poor leadership.
  11. Not knowing that they personally are the problem not the solution – poor planning, organisation, leadership and control.
  12. Demanding 24/7 working hours without actually saying so – poor planning.
  13. Designing objectives, standards, processes and measurements that are unclear – poor planning and organisation.
  14. Lack of preparation – poor planning and organisation.
  15. Lack of education – poor planning.
  16. Lack of self awareness and that they are not good managers – poor planning and leadership.
  17. Seeking endless consultation on trivial issues – poor organisation and planning.
  18. Unable to see the big picture – poor planning.

The headline here is that bad management leads to people feeling under valued and simply used.  That is simply not going to bring out the best in people.  Everyone does deserve good management if organisations are going to make the best of their so called greatest asset – their people.

Getting management right is really not that difficult but the problem out there is that too few people have experienced good management.  Why are there apparently so few good role models in the management field?  Perhaps it is because there is insufficient quality management training and agreement about what constitutes good management.  Management and business are often muddled up.  Entrepreneurship is generally seen as something separate from management.  Managers have a bad name in so many sectors eg. the health service in the UK.  Management ethics have been questioned deeply in recent times.

If you are a manager consider using the list above to avoid those things that seem to really switch people off.

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