Health and safety – planning, organising, leading or controlling?

Which bit of managing are you doing by improving health and safety?  Is it planning, organising, leading or controlling?

As  health and safety is about taking care of your people’s well being – it’s probably more to do with leadership than any other part of the management mix.  Risk assessments, the provision of safety equipment, cleaner working environments all show concern for people.  You are walking the talk in caring for people when you “do” health and safety.  If you take care of your people and are seen to be doing so, the greater the likelihood that they in turn will take care of your customers and the quality of their work for your organisation.  The meaning of good H&S is clear – “we want everyone to be safe at work”.  The better you “do” H&S the more likely that your people will take the issue seriously.

A sloppy or negative attitude to health and safety is sending subtle messages to staff that you may just not care that much about them that is leaving aside the obvious financial and legal risks you are taking by being footloose with H&S.

No rocket science here and the practical implications for managers are clear.

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