Management – ideas for an easier life

The primary purpose of this blog site is to promote the idea that “everyone deserves good management”.  The secondary idea is that right people, right place, right time creates happiness and happiness creates happy customers and happy customers create happy organisations.  The tertiary purpose is to try and make the management job a little easier.  So, here are some thoughts about how to make your management job a little easier.

  1. Keep you focus on a few key deliverables; the ones that really make the difference to your organisation’s purpose.  I once knew a manager who kept a list of his key objectives on his desk and anything that came up that was irrelevant in terms of those objectives got ignored.
  2. Get the right people into the right jobs with the right objectives at the right time.
  3. Get a balance between planning ahead, organising resources, leading and controlling and measuring results.
  4. Cut out meetings you really do not need to go to.
  5. See if you can’t delegate more – who could be developed by your giving them some additional responsibility?
  6. Don’t let people problems fester.  Confront them and put plans in place to deal with them.
  7. Listen more and talk less.
  8. Take your holidays.
  9. Consider getting a mentor inside your organisation or a coach from outside the organisation.
  10. Know your weaknesses and make sure someone on your team compensates for them.

Every problem has a solution if you just know where to look.  In many ways our management jobs are as difficult as we want to make them!  I hope this short blog has given you some food for thought about having an easier life as a manager.

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