Does managing the boss make life easier?

These three links have some good practical tips on how to manage the boss.JFK_2008

Forbes – how to manage your boss

HBR – managing the boss

The happy manager

Having read these short articles plus what Peter Drucker had to say on this topic, it is clear that as a manager you really do need to be in synch with your boss or bosses as Drucker would encourage.  If the two of you are out of step there is only one thing that lies ahead for you – trouble.  No matter what you do with your own team of staff unless you are sure that your work is helping your boss/manager to achieve his or her objectives you are likely to be heading in the wrong direction.  The articles above all suggest that it is your responsibility to manage the relationship and that it should not be left to chance.

Assumptions you make about the contributions that you are required to make are seriously dangerous unless you have tested them out with your boss.  Faulty assumptions or conclusions will only make your life more difficult not easier.

What are the practical considerations if you are trying to make your life as a manager easier?

  1. As the articles above suggest – a clear understanding of what your boss is trying to achieve will make life easier and decision making less complicated.
  2. Protecting your boss from surprises that will embarrass him or her is critical – as Drucker recommends, find out if he or she prefers oral or written reports.
  3. Actively supporting your boss is the final practical consideration and if you can’t do that perhaps you need to find another role or job.

One thing for sure is that if you and your boss are not in synch you are in trouble and you need to do something active to sort it out.  Sweeping problems under the carpet, sadly, will just not work out.

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