Keep them in the light!

How might keeping your staff in the light help make your life easier as a manager?

  1. You could have more minds working on the key performance issues facing your organisation.
  2. Staff members are enabled to adjust their behaviour if they are more broadly aware of what is going on across the organisation.
  3. You don’t have to waste energy on keeping people in the dark.
  4. Even if you are sharing bad news, you won’t be accused of keeping things to yourself and communication about solutions to problems might well increase.
  5. Your leadership will be more effective if you are seen to be straight with staff.
  6. You may well find more energy goes into the “right” things i.e. the things that really make a difference.
  7. You place your trust in people when you share what is really going on and in turn you are more likely to be trusted.
  8. You may create a greater sense of urgency and energy if you empower staff by sharing key information with them.
  9. There will be less fear (the inevitable consequence that comes from keeping people in the dark – no information from management = something bad is going on).

Everyone deserves good management.

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2 thoughts on “Keep them in the light!

  1. The phrase that came into my thinking while was reading that excellent summary was “Walk the talk”. I think because it is often not just what you say or not say but how you behave and look that puts people in the dark.


    1. Thank you for the comment. Could not agree more – it is behavior that people see but behaviour needs to reflect an underlying attitude, belief or vision of what is possible if people are kept in the light. In the end of the day it a question of easy you want to make management.


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