Recruitment and retention made easier through improved management

Improved planning, organisation, leadership and control makes recruitment and retention all the easier and here’s how.

Improved Planning

Your organisation’s why statement (the social and people benefits of what you do) needs to inspire and motivate staff and potential recruits.  Strategy needs to engage staff and the more compelling your “why?” the more it will win the hearts of your staff and candidates.  Have a look at Simon Sinek’s video.   Is your mission really going to switch people on and make them feel that what they do actually adds up to something worthwhile?  If your goals are just expressed in financial or numerical terms they will be boring and may even be ignored.  I heard the UK’s Barclays Bank’s chief executive on the radio this morning.  His “why?” was all about making money and shareholder returns!  Absolutely no mention of making a difference to customers’ lives.  If you can communicate the worth of the work and especially how it makes other people’s lives better the greater the chance you have of recruiting and retaining high quality staff.

Improved Organisation

If your organisation structure is built around adding value that adds up to making a contribution to customers’ and stakeholders’ lives the greater the chance you will attract and retain excellent staff.  If, on the other hand, you have a structure that actually stands in the way of customer and stakeholder interests you will have created a bureaucracy and people don’t like bureaucratic organisations.  Why?  Bureaucracies breed selfishness and internecine conflicts between warring departments.  Your people, current and future, need to see that the organisation is focused on adding real value.  They also need to see how the parts make up a coherent whole so that they can readily understand how their work makes a difference.

Improved Leadership

A candidate is more likely to apply to join your organisation and stay once there if he/she is interested in having more than just a job.  What you say about purpose and how you say it at interview is all the more likely to attract good candidates and engage them to commit.  What you communicate about the organisation’s future will have a bearing on how easy recruitment will be.  This starts with the job and person specification.  A bureaucratic list of tasks will be a real turn off whereas something with meaning and value is much more likely to attract good people.

Improved Control

What is measured to assess whether the organisation’s purpose is being achieved and how it is measured will probably have more bearing on retention of staff than on recruitment.  Effective measures of customer or stakeholder satisfaction will keep staff focused on making a difference rather than just doing a job.  Petty, micro management control mechanisms that seek to control people and stifle their creativity are a real turn off.  Officious applications of standards really leave people confused because they don’t focus on adding value but much more on compliance and obedience.  What you choose to control and measure ultimately shows what is important to you and your organisation.  Aim to make the controls worthwhile.

So, to make recruitment and retention easier through improved management, create an inspiring plan, build an efficient organisation, show personal leadership and have meaningful controls in place.

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