Five things that will make your management job more difficult

Obviously, there are many factors that make your management job more difficult but the following are things within your control.  You’ll improve your results if you can avoid these traps.

  1. Doing too much operational work yourself.  Selling, marketing, production, design and other “comfortable” tasks can take up so much of your time that you have none for planning ahead, organising resources, leading people and controlling and monitoring results.  Delegation lies at the heart of this problem
  2. Not knowing where your time goes.  I’ve yet to meet a manager who didn’t learn something valuable about where his/her time went by doing an analysis over 3-4 days.  Getting a firm grasp on how you use your time will improve the results you produce from your area of responsibility.Making management harder
  3. Doing only part of the management job.  You need to plan effectively, have an efficient organisation, provide motivational leadership and put effective controls in place to monitor results.  Do one at the expense of the others and you will produce poor results.
  4. Constantly shifting priorities.  Confusion will reign.  Ultimately, this is a sign of poor planning and an inadequate appreciation of the external environment so that you are constantly being caught out by events.
  5. Failing to align your goals with those of your boss/manager.  This will end up feeling like you are pushing water up hill and you may find it next to impossible to get the resources you need to produce superior results.

Management is difficult by its very nature but it need not be more difficult than is necessary.  I hope this short blog has given you food for thought as to how you can make life easier for yourself.

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