What prevents you from getting great results as a manager?

Successful and ambitious managers measure their results assiduously because in the end of the day the management functions of planning, organising, leading and controlling add up to producing meaningful concrete results.  Customer service rankings, profits, sales, staff retention, entry to new markets are just some of the great results managers seek out.  These are also the results of getting the management job right.

What holds you back from getting great results?  What are the obstacles?  What are the blocks?  What do you feel you need to improve?  Is it planning, organising, leading or controlling that holds you back?  Is it a lack of insight into customer needs and wants?  Is it your staff?  Is it company policy?  Is it government policy?

Visit my web site and download a free guide to making life easier.  Leave a comment on what prevents you from getting great results.  Do you think the emphasis on getting great results is more interesting than making life easier; I’ve just changed the focus of these blogs?

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