Is this what you want from management coaching?

Value Proposition Design, helps business people to design products and services that customers really want.  It starts with a customer profile so, I thought I would try it out.  By analysing about seven managers I’ve worked with over that last four years, here’s the profile that emerged.

The small business manager CP


Jobs shows all those things that these seven managers are trying to get done – and those in red are the ones that create the most satisfaction when done well or pain when done badly.  Pains show all those things that cause, well pain and suffering!  Those items in red are those that cause the most suffering.  Gains show those things that these seven managers would like most and the red highlighting indicates the most important of these.

I’ve taken this analysis one step further and created a generic manager profile that I feel summarises the main points from the first.  Here’s what emerges.

The manager's profile jpeg


This, I think, summarises what most managers want in 2015.  Do you agree?  Downsizing and the flattening of hierarchies means that most managers, on top of managing, have just too many different roles to play.  Pain is largely generated by other people and a shortage of resources.  Finally, what most managers really want is to get more done and to have better results to show others.

I’ve been trying to help practising managers in recent years by focusing on getting them to plan, organise, lead and control more effectively.  Now I’m wondering if a different more customer-focused approach might do more good.

As a management coach, I’m now working on a new set of services built around what the authors of the aforementioned book call a value proposition.  Here’s what I have drafted.

Coaching value map 2 jpeg


This shows what my draft Skype Online Management Coaching service is seeking to do for customers/clients.  The question is does this give, you the manager, the value you would be looking for from some coaching?

Ultimately, I hope my new services will enable you to get more done and get better results from your people and resources.

Your comments would be most appreciated. Skype Management Coaching

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