Questions your client is asking right now

Business people standing with question mark on boards

Here are 19 questions your client is asking himself or herself but not necessarily asking you!

  1. Will this consultant show me up?
  2. Will this consultant be acceptable to other people in my organisation?
  3. Is the consultant working to really understand my situation?
  4. Will the consultant keep to my pace?
  5. Will this consultant push me too hard too quickly?
  6. What will this consultant actually deliver?
  7. If I speak openly, will this consultant respect what I say?
  8. How confidential is this conversation?
  9. Will I be able to control this consultant?
  10. Will my boss ask why I am not doing this project?
  11. Will this consultant say no to anything I ask him or her to do?
  12. What will I do when this consultant is gone?
  13. How much of a threat is there to me by working with this consultant?
  14. Will the proposed solution be practicable?
  15. What is this going to cost?
  16. How long is all of this going to take?
  17. How good are this consultant’s technical skills?
  18. How much money can we save?
  19. What is in this for me?

If you can find a way of addressing these implicit questions early on in your relationship the greater the chance will be that you run a successful consultancy project; leave them unanswered and you run the risk that your client will only partially engage with you and your work.

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