A value proposition for Management Coaching

Value Proposition Design encourages us to think about what jobs our products Value-Propositionand services enable our customers to get done, what pains we relieve and what gains customers might expect.  So what does a good value proposition for management coaching look like?

Good management coaching helps you to get the following jobs done:

  • The development of specific skills and capabilities, for example, strategy creation or people management;
  • Target weaknesses;
  • Management of a particular project;
  • Production of defined results.

Coaching relieves the following pains:

  • A lack of confidence in one’s capabilities in some specific areas of the management job;
  • Failure to have the required impact;
  • A project that has become bogged down;
  • Criticism from your manager, your peers or your staff.

Potentially, coaching offers the following gains:

  • Relief from being able to share concerns and fears with an experienced coach;
  • Accelerated progress towards a specific objective;
  • A reality check on where you need to develop and improve;
  • Improved skills in selected areas.

Coaching, as opposed to more generalised training and development, enables you, the customer, to direct attention to where you feel it is most needed.  This saves time and effort as less time is wasted on topics or issues that are of less relevance to the very special context in which you work.

One of the keys to getting the best from coaching is in being crystal clear about where you need help.  Clearly, having specific goals in mind is central to having this clarity.

From the business coaching I have received as a customer in recent years, I would describe the value gained as:

  • Having a neutral sounding board;
  • Being challenged to look at situations differently;
  • An extension of my business creation knowledge;
  • Having new avenues to explore and examine.

Ultimately, developing one’s capabilities can be one of two paths – a lonely one you travel without a guide or, one you embark on with a knowledgeable coach.

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