As part of a rebranding initiative I’ve just completed Simon Sinek’s Why Exercise.  This has proved to be be very illuminating.  My personal why has come out as:

To build people’s confidence so that they have a positive impact.  confidence leap

Having lived with this for a week and having checked it out with trusted friends, it fits me and my work as a consultant, mentor, trainer, mediator and local volunteer.

Sinek’s argument goes that people buy from us because they connect with why we do what we do.  Apparently, it’s to do with how the brain works.  The emotional brain doesn’t use language in the same way that our rational brains do.

As building confidence lies at the heart of what I do and why I do it, I’ve been mulling over what confidence means.  Looking at confidence closely reveals the following meanings:

  1. The feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something.
  2. The telling of private matters or secrets with mutual trust.

The synonyms are equally interesting:

Trust, belief, faith, credence, conviction, reliance and dependence.

The antonyms include:

Doubt, fear, hesitation, irresolution, uncertainty, distrust, weakness and Doubt and fearapprehension.

What’s this got to do with business?  The upshot would appear to be that people with well-founded confidence are more likely to do more and more of the “right” things.  People lacking in confidence are just going to hold back and resist.  This has profound implications for managers, human resources and training people.  Moreover, it suggests that a primary goal of leaders and managers in organisations is to inspire confidence.  I know this is not a new message but we humans seem to need to be reminded of it constantly.

Look around you, who has confidence and who lacks it?  What’s the difference between the two groups?  Who gets more done and has a positive impact?  Who just does as they are told and follows the rules?  Who believes?  Who trusts?  Who is trustworthy?  Who resists and holds back?

It’s really hard for me not to believe that confidence, and by that I mean grounded confidence not puffed up arrogance, has a major bearing on success and failure in organisations.

My rebranding exercise continues with work on how I help clients build confidence and what I actually do to build confidence.  I know I’ll be more successful in helping clients build their businesses, train their staff, resolve conflicts and tackle performance issues if I work on building their confidence and belief in taking corrective action.

My thanks to Simon Sinek and his team for inspiring me to rediscover my Why – it’s been very liberating.

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