Business Models – What I’ve Learned

The Strategyzer business model canvas app is quite daunting.  But, having tested Business_Model_Canvas
my As Is business model through it I’ve learned a great deal and I’ve found new inspiration for my small business.  What do other business owners have to gain?

  • On one page you can see your business as it really is, warts and all!
  • Positively, you can see what works and why;
  • You can make decisions about how to strengthen your business;
  • Why new business development initiatives have failed becomes clear;
  • New directions for business development become more obvious;
  • You can stop doing stuff that is just never going to work!
  • It really makes you feel like a someone who is running a business not just working in it!
  • Ultimately it allows you to cut costs, reduce risk and increase the likelihood of success;
  • It’ll keep you in business over the longer term;
  • You gain confidence in what you are doing.

I’m now working on new customer/client segments and new services.  Plus I’m trying to find new ways of testing services faster and more cheaply.  It’s provided me more impetus for finding a way forward.

If you are a business owner and you are determined to succeed I can’t recommend Strategyzer enough, for $300 it’s worth its weight in gold – however, I’ve had to read the two books and work through it on my own – a guide would have saved me a lot of time.  Enjoy, succeed and thrive.

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