A more Complete Connection with Nature?

An experiment in connecting with Nature through Type quickly and easily

Types as Nature

Which of these appeals most and which least?

A picture paints a thousand words. We appear to connect with each of these pictures, that just happen to be of the Scottish landscape, in different ways based on our true Type preferences. What do we exaggerate and what do we miss in our search for meaning and a fuller connection with the natural world.

Clearly, these pictures are heavily influenced by my preferences (INTJ).

The experiment was simple. Would people select as their most and least favourite a picture that was strongly influenced by their Type?

Of five people where I know their Type preferences the answer was, four did as I would have predicted and two did not. A promising start. The other three, where I did not have any information about their actual preferences, their selections led to easy and focused discussions about what Type means and in particular how that might affect how they connect with nature in all its forms. But one of them, who I know reasonably well, selected as I would have predicted.

This year’s British Association for Psychological Type’s annual conference made much of the problems of jargon around Myers-Briggs Type and Jungian Types. Increasingly, I now see Type, in its various forms, as an energy or communication system.

These eight pictures represent how I see each of Jung’s eight cognitive/thinking/mental functions in nature.

The big picture and the connections Ni

Landscape, weather, and topography all in connection with one another. The views are the thing.

A plan. Te

A clear plan and direction. Much to be achieved. Decisions made.

Forget me nots Fi

Warm intense feelings. Comforting.

Five senses engaged Se

Immediate experience of the outdoors.

Flow of ideas Ne

Possibilities, options, a flow of ideas. The horizon.

Correct analysis Ti

Internal analysis, correct categorisation, formal identification.

Exuberance Fe

Immediate warm feeling and colour. Demonstrative emotion. Fun.

A store of detail Is

Vast store of detail and fact. Intense attention to detail.

To what extent is our wellbeing influenced by the wholeness of our connection with Nature and what influence does Type have to play on that aspect of ourselves? What do you need to develop and what do you need to balance out?

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