The Church Cough

To sit in church, but I will cough?

I’d rather not, to avoid a scoff,

God on the pew beside me,

Oh, I wish I did not cough.

Covid is a blasted nuisance,

When can we meet without such prudence?

It blocks and restricts our options,

Still, friends, faith and fellowship must be our guidance.

Digital friends upon the Zoom,

They may as well be on the moon,

Pixel boxes share little,

When all we want is in the room.

I ought to wear a badge,

I did a lateral test and got a match,

Negative; I am relieved,

Pray it was an honest batch.

Isolation is no solution,

But there is real need for caution,

Time to learn to sing, write, paint and dance,

The world will always cause commotion.

For all the fear,

We must hold this dear,

This too shall pass,

Then all can cheer.



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