The Church Cough

To sit in church, but I will cough? I’d rather not, to avoid a scoff, God on the pew beside me, Oh, I wish I did not cough. Covid is a blasted nuisance, When can we meet without such prudence? It blocks and restricts our options, Still, friends, faith and fellowship must be our guidance.…

Trauma and the Russian Invasion

What is left to hold onto after the immediate tragedies? “Don’t try and cheer them up” was the advice given to those driving up to the border with Ukraine to take refugees to Warsaw, “and do not say you understand”. “Just be there for them.”

Ukraine; pause for thought

I’m reevaluating this blog following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and my mother-in-law becoming a refugee. Suddenly, walking as a focus seems proportionately far less critical.


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I’ve been fascinated by Psychological Type and its applications especially in helping people to communicate with one another since 1992. I’m a former lecturer and HR/OD consultant.

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